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Published on October 26, 2008 By sulley1 In Books

Chapter 8


As soon as we shot out of hyperspace there were starships and cruisers all over us. I about started shooting at them, but Bud stopped me saying,

“Wait, look at the markings…”

I noticed that they weren’t the markings of the Terran Military; the markings were all as different as the ships surrounding us. Some of them looked like they were about to break apart. Some you could hardly even see, they were so sleek and black.

“I can’t believe it; my old friend came through and even brought us a welcoming party!” Bud said excitedly.

A crackle over the communications link brought my attention to an incoming message:

“Attention, Starcruiser 507-AS1, please hail the Right To Rule.”

“This is the…The Escapist,” Bud gave me a thumbs up, “Hailing the Right To Rule, please give heading coordinates.”

“Copy 5O, … The Escapist… aw shoot the regulations, where the hell are you from?”

“We just narrowly escaped an Intreducterior Cruiser, can we have some help?”

“Right, turn to heading 70-13 north, were headed to landing.”

“Roger, Right To Rule.”

I turned away from the comm. board and looked to Bud.

“You could have told me that they were coming.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise! What, do you think that I’m going to tell you that there is a huge underground and that I’m a part of it before you decide to go with me on getting this ship?”

“Well, I guess not.”

The comm. board beeped again, it read “Prepare for landing.” I typed “Acknowledged” back.

Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, appeared a gigantic Hapan Battle Dragon.

“Bud! What do I do now?”

“Just watch…”

A ship from our fleet flew from the center out to the front of the fleet; it had many support ships attached, and large bulbous shield generators and power generators sticking out of its sides.

It slowed to a stop about four hundred miles from the Battle Dragon, just out of its attacking radius. The Dragon tried some pot shots, but they just glanced off of the ships shields. The ship (called the Hulk, for later obvious reasons) pointed what seemed its front toward the Dragon, and a sound, even through space, sounding like an ear splitting thunder, it shot at the Dragon, taking a mini hyperjump. It appeared right next to the Dragon, extended several large appendages toward the Dragon, and stared spinning!

“There’s no way that it is going to destroy that Dragon! It’s shields will fail first!” I yelled over the commlink.

“You don’t even know what will happen! Just wait,” the comm. officer on the Right To Rule said.

The fire officers on the Dragon, surprised, redirected their fire on the Hulk. Hundreds of shots seemed to score on the Hulk, and surely, I thought, it would blow up. It just kept moving toward the Dragon, seemingly absorbing all the laser fire. I later learned that it was doing just that. It captured the energy of the lasers and stored them in its “laser drills”, the spider-like appendages on the outside of the ship. The Hulk then touched the hull of the Dragon, and it completely rent that section of the hull off. As atmospheric gasses and human bodies flew out, it kept tearing at the insides of the Dragon. Just to give you the size of the Hapan Battle Dragon, 20 Hulks, about the size of a 100 story square building, could fit in the Battle Dragon. It took the Hulk about 10 minutes to completely destroy the Hapan Battle Dragon, but there wasn’t much left of it.

“How many more surprises do you guys have?” I asked the Right To Rule.

“More than you know, more than you know.”


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