This blog will be a site to log all the gaming and testing I do and show what needs to be changed in many games. Plus I will put whatever chapters I write for my book in here!
Published on October 8, 2008 By sulley1 In Books

Chapter 7

Crack! Boom! Crack!
We were pummeled by laser fire from the huge Cruiser.
“We can’t take much more of this!” I yelled.
“Then get us out of here!”
“What do you think I’m doing!”
“Even given the circumstances, I’m still your superior officer!”
“You won’t be anything if you don’t help me!”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Get to one of the gun emplacements,” I told him.
He hurried back to the rear of the ship, and almost immediately after I heard laser fire returning to the Assault Cruiser.
“Carson, you need to get out of here, the rear shields can’t take much more,” I herd Bud say over the commlink.
“I’m trying I’m trying.”
The ship creaked and groaned as I put it through it’s paces, I never thought we’d get clear of the carrier’s cannons, but finally we did.
Then suddenly it hit me, what happened when a carrier’s target get’s out of range of it’s cannons? It launched it’s fighters.
“Kid, I’ve got a bunch of blips on my radar.”
My mouth went dry, we were going to be attacked by some of the best pilots in the galaxy, and we’re on the same side!
“Bud, can you estimate when we’ll be free from the gravity well projectors?”
“I have no frikin idea. Just try to jump.”
“You got it.”
I punched in the coordinates of earth, 0:00:000, the easiest coordinates ever.
We took off into the depths of hyperspace.


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