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Published on September 24, 2008 By sulley1 In Books

Chapter 3

Date: December 18, 5026
Earth Research Center For Space Technology

“Jack you need to finish this!”
“I will soon, Dentrin.”
“We need to come out with something soon, or they’ll shut us down. Do you realize that it’s been over a year since we’ve had a new ship or technology?”
“Yes, and this will solve both problems.”
“It better.”
Jack headed over to the large hunk of metal sitting in the middle of the workshop.
“When this is completed, the Terran military will be unstoppable.”
“If, it is completed,” Dentrin says to himself.
Dentrin was a strange figure. He was half human and half some type of alien that gave him a rock-like appearance. He was one of those who were shunned, unless their combined abilities gave them the advantage over other species.
“If this ship is given to the Terran Alliance, then all their enemies will be gone.”
“Well, that will be a good thing.”
“Yes, but then we’ll become old and fat. Then some rouge from Tantusī€Ē will come in and kill us.”
“Oh, please…”
“Seriously, even if we have all the technologies that could allow us to wipe the faces of galaxies now, we would never be able to do that if we become too self assured.”
“Good night jack, don’t stay too long.”
“I won’t.”
Dentrin headed back out the door to the shop. Jack just kept working diligently on his ship.
A far off breaking piece of metal echoes into the workshop.
“Hmm… What was that?”
Suddenly the air vents exploded and men in black suits with laser pistols in their hands leaped down into the workshop. One walked over and said…
“Open the door, grab your tools, and load your ship onto the freighter.”
That was the last anyone saw of Jack.

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