This blog will be a site to log all the gaming and testing I do and show what needs to be changed in many games. Plus I will put whatever chapters I write for my book in here!
Published on September 18, 2008 By sulley1 In Books

Chapter 2


When I awoke, the next morning, I nearly hit my head on Bud’s old bunk.
I gotta find Bud!
I had slept in my armor, and I was sore, so I took a quick shower. I put on a white shirt and some army edition khakis with boots.
Then I ran down to the Medical Wing.
When I found him I shook him from his sleep. I know I shouldn’t have but I really need to get his attention fast, before I forgot who the guy was.
“Bud! I know who the guy was!”
“Mmm…Wha? Who?”
“The guy who made the ship, he was my college roommate; he said he was going to join the ERCFST and that he was going to create a new ship! They haven’t come out with anything since, so that must be his!”
“Tell me everything!”
So I told him about my old roommate, Jack, and the ship he said he would design. He had said that his ship could go faster than light its self. That the weapons were better than any other, the Armor could withstand pounding from legions of ships. And that only two men were needed to run it.
“It’s better than I thought…”
“I think that I might help, seeing as my old friend is involved with this.”
“Good! I need your help to get out of here!”
“What? You need to stay here to heal! Your all beat up!”
“I have an old friend that owns a place on Earth that has everything we need…”

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