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Chapter 1

Date: March 19, 5027
Kulbar, Kulbar System

I’ve never been in a more hellish place. From the moment we landed, we were in chaos. Just the rocky terrain its self tries to swallow you up in huge crevices. We’ve lost over a hundred men, to the land alone, over ten thousand, to the enemy. This was Intelestar War II, and the enemy was getting the best of us.
I tried the Comlink, but all I got was static. I was too far away. I’d nearly lost bud a couple times, and without a partner I was as good as dead.
Bud was heading toward the walker and a huge geyser erupted in front of him. He flew out of sight to the south. I found him a little while later. He had broken both legs, and three ribs. He bleed all over.
I had found him by following a trail of what else? Blood. I found the spot where he landed, there was body fluids everywhere. There was a trail of gore going north northeast. I followed it for a few minutes and later found him near the walker. He was one of those who didn’t give up so easily.
We got in the walker, and started back to base.
"I hate them geysers," Bud complained.
"You’re lucky it wasn’t a magma one."
"Yea, maybe…"
On the way we encountered some opposition, some Drengin shock troops, but with the walker’s cannons, we easily mowed them down. When we were within thirty miles of the base, I tried the walker’s com. I got in contact and told them we were coming in, and that we had one injured.
"Just hold on Bud, were nearly there."
The truth was we weren’t. We may have been thirty miles from the base, but we had to take the long way round. There’s only one way in the base, and only one way out.
When we arrived twelve hours later, I dropped Bud off at the medical wing and went to make my report.
"Go ahead Carson"
"We scouted the quadrant, and encountered no opposition there, but some on the way back. You’ll find the details on my report."
Dang Reports
"What happened to Bud?"
"He got to close to a geyser," I replied.
"Oh, too bad, he’ll be out of action for days,"
"You may retire now."
I headed back to my bunk at the west end of the facility. I was tired. I tried to get some rest, but couldn’t stop thinking of bud, so I headed down to the medical wing.
I got there and asked one of the staff where he was.
"Room 1,238"
Yea, there are over 2,000 rooms here, only for medical purposes. When you’re in the Terran Marines, you get a lot of guys down.
I reached his room and looked in. He was wired up to so many things I couldn’t count them all. He was wearing a blue suit that made him look like Santa Claus. It was a medical advancement called Bacta, a super germ killer, antibacterial, and healant, that could get a person better in days when it normally took weeks. There were monitors and receivers everywhere.
"Hey, Bud!"
He already looks better.
"Yea, what Greenhorn?"
He still has his humor, too.
"Whoa, back off, I’m just checking if you’re OK."
"Ah, I’m a little sore but I could still whoop your hind quarters."
"In your dreams."

"When I get out of here, I’m gonna go in with the ERCFST."
The Earth Research Center For Space Tech, why them?
"Why go in with those space fanatics?"
"I heard that some guy designed a ship that had heavier weapons, armor, and engines than any other ship, and that it disappeared along with the guy who made it. They say who ever finds it can have it; if they let them copy the technology… Kid, I don’t want to work for them, I want that ship."
That’s Treason!
"You’re crazy! That’s the most protected building not only on Earth, but in the entire galaxy!"
"But, Carson, we’d be unstoppable!"
"Are you asking me to help you?!"
"I meant to come into that less suddenly, but yea."
"I gotta think about this. I’ll see you in a while."
"Kid, you’re the hardest guy out there, you can handle any machine or weapon. Some of the Veterans aren’t as good as you."
"I’ll see you."
"Think about it!"
I headed back to my bunk and finally got some rest, but before I fell asleep, I thought…
I know the guy who made that ship!
But then I conked out.

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